What Vitamin is Behind Door #2?

Choosing between vitamin #1, vitamin #2, or vitamin #3?

Might as well be like Door Number 1, Number 2, or Number 3!  vitamin, alaska nutrition, anchorage chiropractor, clinical nutrition, supplements, natural

Now if you don’t already know the correct answer, the probability of guessing it right goes down with each choice. For example 4 offered possibilities give you a 25% chance of guessing right.

Isn’t it mind boggling to spend much time in the Vitamin Isle of the store?  Wow!  Each vitamin bottle in rows of rows, shelf after shelf of vitamins shouts out at you that it is different, best, good for this, better for that (without making health claims of course). Most of us try to recollect what we’ve heard or read… but gosh there are choices. What are the odds of guessing the right supplement?

What happens when vitamin claims are a confusing Red Herring (false trail)?

We all face the dilemma of making health choices in a climate of advertising that may not be backed by truth. This is why vitamins and supplements get such a bad name. It isn’t that they don’t work, the good ones most definitely do. But what is good for one person may not be what is needed for another. It is natural for each expert to tell you what has worked for them, but a true expert should be able to change the odds of getting it right in your favor.

Covered by insurance or not, what about guessing and then taking the wrong drug?

Have you ever visited your Doctor and they told you “well, we think you have this (diagnosis name), let’s try… (drug/surgery) and let’s see how this works”?  The drug or surgery recommendation is a dangerous guess—not to mention expensive… wow there goes your money.

Why guess about what your body truly needs to be healthy?  vitamin, alaska nutrition, anchorage chiropractor, clinical nutrition, supplements, natural

At the Alaska Health Improvement Center we take out the guessing and test your body to see what it truly needs.  No guessing, no percentages, no dangerous side effects, just safe, natural methods that work.  That’s the beauty of Nutrition Response TestingSM.  That’s why patients are winning at our office.

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Dr. Greg Sternquist

Restoring health for over 20 years, Dr. Sternquist is an activist for bringing health to healthcare. His mission is to provide safe, drug-free, natural treatment plans while educating on optimal health, nutrition and lifestyle. “Dr. Greg” received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the prestigious Palmer College after completing his Bachelor of Science at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. After specializing in the respected Gonstead chiropractic method for nearly two decades, Dr. Greg felt he needed a new set of tools when his own health began failing. A former competitive cyclist, avid outdoors enthusiast, and private pilot—something had to change! After healing himself, he completed over 2,000 hours of continuing education in nutrition including certification in the elite Applied Clinical Training program through Ulan Nutrition Systems to become Alaska's first advanced clinician in Nutrition Response Testing in 2008. Dr. Greg also specializes in the Gonstead method of Chiropractic care. Now in private practice for 26+ years and with over 2500 hours of nutritional therapy training and advanced Chiropractic continuing education, Dr. Greg Sternquist has become a renowned expert helping thousands of wonderful people get off the cycle of repeating chronic health problems and only temporary results to now enjoy more energy, become free of unwanted symptoms, and look and feel the way they want.