I can run again!

Healthy, beautiful German Shepherd enjoying the view after a long runI went on a killer mountain bike ride with my master, boy was that fun! But the next day I was in trouble and limping—it hurt to run. Thanks to the wonderful people at AHIC and Dr. Greg who adjusted my scapula and then found the real reason (I’d gotten into errr “inflammatory foods” – rolls big brown eyes) I am now good to go. I am so excited my tongue’s hanging out!” —Shyla (German Shepherd)

Marie Sternquist

Marie Sternquist, MS CHHC is a graduate of the University of Colorado, with 30 years of health-related clinical research published peer-reviewed medical journals, Marie's interests lie in how chemical and metal toxicities affect our health, hormones and immune function—and how to heal these problems with whole foods. In 2014, Marie completed the Health Coach program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she studied 100’s of dietary theories with an emphasis on developing step-by-step nutritional programs and is currently working on her Nutritionist certification through the Masters in Functional Nutrition program and the University of Western States. Marie’s signature nutrition programs have helped thousands of people just like you regain health and quality of life. In 2016, Marie Sternquist completed her Advanced Level in Nutrition Response Testing®, joining her husband Dr. Greg Sternquist as an advanced clinician. Marie is also a wilderness explorer, skier, photographer and mom. Visit her at www.SuccessHealthCoach.com and www.OurNutritionKitchen.com

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