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Welcome to Health by Design, the Alaska Health Improvement Center’s online series that gives you the knowledge you need to sort out truths, partial truths and complete nutrition fiction. Above all, remember that you are individual; whatever you choose, it has to work, for your unique you. It is all about balance—here’s what’s happened:

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Do each lesson and action step in order, each one builds on the one before.

When finished with each “lesson”, “Mark as Completed” at the bottom of each page to open the next resource.

Module 1 Welcome to Health by Design
Unit 1 Introducing Health by Design & Nutrition Response Testing
Module 2 Week 1: Understand and Eliminate Chronic Inflammation
Unit 1 What's Acquired Deficiency Disease?
Unit 2 Eliminate Inflammatory & Irritating Foods
Unit 3 Eat a Rainbow of Colors
Module 3 Week 2: Rebalance by Understanding Sugar
Unit 1 The Sugar Addiction Test
Unit 2 The Sugar in Our Lives: 146 ways sugar affects your health
Unit 3 Sugars Defined: Recognizing the hidden sugars
Module 4 Week 3: Other Sugars: Grains, dairy, starchy foods
Unit 1 Screening for Wheat, Gluten & Grain Sensitivities part I
Unit 2 Screening for Wheat, Gluten & Grain Sensitivities Part II
Unit 3 Grains: Health food or fiction?
Unit 4 What's There to Eat?
Module 5 Week 4: Healthy Fats, Saturated Fats, Seed Oils
Unit 1 All About Fats
Unit 2 Good Fats, Bad Fats, and the Downright Ugly Fats
Module 6 Protection from Unsafe Chemicals
Unit 1 The Toxic Stuff In Us
Unit 2 Joining Fall's Flu Shot Ritual?
Unit 3 Soy: Good or Bad?

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