Diagnostic Tests

All our diagnostic testing is done in-house at the Alaska Health Improvement Center. Every new client gets a comprehensive exam to fully understand the health status of your whole body. We see the body as an integrated whole; malfunction in one part can cause a symptom elsewhere—anything can cause anything.

We want to know exactly what is causing your symptoms so that you receive maximum benefit and stably achieve your health goals. We don’t diagnose and treat symptoms, we do a comprehensive evaluation and develop a personalized health improvement program to restore your body’s ability to heal itself.

Simply put, first we do an analysis to find the hidden cause of your symptoms, and then we design a natural health improvement program to help you handle what we find in our analysis.

I had headaches that would cause  me extreme extreme amounts of pain. After a month I have not had even one headache. I am not even thinking about it anymore. —JL

Key Diagnostic Tests and Tools:

Detailed Health History:

We really want to know what is troubling you, how it has evolved over time, what your symptoms feel like, how long this has been going on, what you’ve tried, what worked/didn’t, how it impacts other areas of life—this communication between patient and doctor is one of the most important steps of our relationship with you. In fact, you may feel unburdened from this step alone and we hope you do. This is why we’ve developed our New Patient Forms and experience to be sufficiently detailed to help find what is wrong so we can fix it.

Orthopedic and Neurologic Testing:

The movement of a joint or series of joints affects multiple tissues. Bones, cartilage, muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, blood vessels, nerves, skin, and other tissues are involved in or influenced by movement. Your nervous system coordinates both voluntary and automatic body functions. Our series of diagnostic tests evaluates how well your nervous system regulates these functions and coordinates your body, as well as to what degree or not it adapts to internal changes and external stress. If suspected, we check for spinal bones out of place as this is a major cause of nerve interference, pain, symptoms, muscle guarding and spasms, as well as early spinal decay and loss of nervous system health.

One word that I would choose to have described my life would have been disaster. Now after meeting Doctor Greg he has saved my life. Thank you so much. – JB

Nutrition Response Testing®:

Very precise and scientific with 90% or greater accuracy, Nutrition Response Testing determines the precise reason for your symptoms; whether illness, aches, pains, or even stressed/misaligned joints. Nutrition Response Testing has its basis in the ancient Chinese system of acupuncture and human anatomy and basically works like this:

nutrition response testing; diagnostic test; clinical nutrition, anchorage, Dr. Greg Sternquist; chiropractic; anchorage chiropractor; natural healing; natural health improvement; physical therapy; massage therapy; drug free; nutritionist; anchorage nutritionistWe find out which key organs are not properly functioning, and therefore causing your symptoms. While contacting organ acupuncture points on your body with his/her own hand, the Nutrition Response Testing doctor tests the neurologic reflex (not muscle strength) of your extended arm. If the organ point being contacted is weak, the nervous system will respond and the natural, healthy reflex will disappear signifying underlying stress or dysfunction that affects your health.

“I can’t express my relief, happiness and sincere thanks enough. My appetite is now under control and no more cravings or eating binges. My skin—which broke out badly the first time I tried to detoxify the chemicals—has cleared up and looks great! I feel so much better about my body and myself.” —SU

The strength of your reflex relates to your state of health—or the health of a specific organ.

Next, we identify the exact stressor (toxic organism, toxic substance, food sensitivity or nutrient deficiency) inside the body by monitoring your reflex strength while placing the identical substance outside the body—see Direct Resonance Testing. This non-invasive and precise method of analysis correctly identifies stressors that are hidden from most tests.

Finally, we use the same reflex to determine exactly which genuine building blocks your body needs to remedy the organ or system and restore health: whole foods, herbal or homeopathic remedies.

While the average person might consider this “muscle testing”, compared with what you may have been exposed to, Nutrition Response Testing is much more comprehensive and complex than what most doctors or natural healthcare professionals use. Unfortunately, there are a lot of physicians and non-physicians that are either not qualified to perform muscle testing, or are using generalized bogus forms of the technique. Muscle testing, as performed in our office, is a major part of the neurologic assessment process. To help you, we look at your medical history, lab tests, physical exam findings, neurological exam findings, and other criteria. We uses specific neurological muscle tests to help understand what is going on with you, and how to treat the problem most effectively. Nutrition Response Testing, when used appropriately and by a qualified, skilled physician, is a powerful tool that aids in individualized, specific treatment.

Nutrition Response Testing can also detect structural misalignments that are best addressed with chiropractic adjustments and/or manual therapies like or therapeutic massage.

Direct Resonance Testing:

Based on the works of renowned holistic cancer researcher, Yoshiaki Omura, MD, and published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, Direct Resonance Testing utilizes Dr. Omura’s Biological Law of Identical Substances: “If there is an identical substance outside the body as there is inside the body, a stress reaction in a muscle is created.”

The hardest to handle conditions are those that are long-term, chronic, and deep. These are also missed by traditional medical and most naturopathic approaches as they are very hard to detect.

Nothing can be found on tests but the person is miserable and clearly has a health issue.

While traditional muscle testing can solve a variety of health problems, there are situations where the problem localizes primarily inside the cells. In these cases, accurate treatment depends on identifying stressors deep inside the body, stressors that cannot be found using other tests. For example, chemical, metal, or immune stressors can be locked up in cells within organs and miss detection using traditional muscle tests and especially using blood analyses.

Direct Resonance Testing provides this deeper level of testing. Direct Resonance Testing can:

  1. Determine what substance or micro-organism is present in the body and where it is;
  2. quantify how much is in the body—which we also use to monitor treatment effectiveness.

Diagnostic imaging:

diagnostic spine x-ray to fine cause of back painThe Alaska Health Improvement Center has a low-intensity x-ray imaging system to conveniently obtain diagnostic films in-house. These films and their proper interpretation are vital before certain treatment protocols to determine whether or not bones have moved out of place and also check for suspected fractures. That said, if you are pregnant (or might be) or there are other reasons we can’t take an image please discuss this with us.

We use films primarily to develop a chiropractic treatment plan; to determine which bones should be adjusted and which ones can be left alone. Films are also used to rule out tumors, infections or fractures. If you’ve been in an auto injury, accident, had an impact, we especially need to see what happened inside.

We rarely ask for an expensive MRI. There are a few reasons we might, very few. With over twenty years in clinical care and interpreting x-rays, rarely is it necessary to see the soft tissue details by MRI.

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