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Marie Sternquist, MS CHHC — Masters Level Nutrition Response Testing®!

Marie Cecchini Sternquist, MSI am excited to have completed this very high level of training in Nutrition Response Testing and so glad you decided to read my story. If you know me—whether as one of our patients at the Alaska Health Improvement Center, one of my private clients, or possibly a future patient, then you know that I have spent most of my adult life as a research scientist running clinical trials to help understand what tools the body needs to stay healthy and what natural techniques work if the body has become something less than healthy. I am always on the quest to find the most effective methods to achieve optimum health and to help as many people as possible achieve the health of their dreams.

First a little background

When I first embarked in my research career 30-odd years ago, I saw many “miracles” in our new technologies. We were beginning to explore and understand the human genome—our genes… the body’s blueprint… design code…—we thought that if people’s bodies weren’t making hormones or other needed things, why, we’d just clone the gene, make it in a test tube and then give it back to those people and, voila! Turn function back on.

And it worked, at first: My research helped people without kidneys solve being anemic; chemotherapy patients with their immune system destroyed no longer got sick from whatever infectious disease came along, you get the picture. But it turns out that we individuals are more complex and very few things in the body are controlled by a single gene or hormone or…

And that is why 20 years ago I left the medical model, even in research. I do not treat diagnosed diseases or conditions, that is what the medical profession does. I treat people who have unwanted conditions, symptoms or diseases. I do research only to evaluate natural healing approaches that support the body’s native abilities and make it more able to heal and repair.

Times have changed, our understanding of the human body has gotten better, I have become a much better scientist and yet all these new technologies have not resulted in health miracles. We spend more money on healthcare in the United States than any other country yet are at the bottom of the list when it comes to quality of life and true health.

How can we spend so much money and still have so many health problems?

We’re focusing on the wrong thing. Key elements keeping the body from operating at its maximum potential are there well before we experience symptoms. If we have even a single symptom, then we’ve imbalanced our body in some way. The severity of those symptoms indicates the severity of the imbalance.

The thing that I got out of the eating to restore balance class was I need to eat more fats. I need to stay away from the carbohydrates and eat more vegetables. I am more aware of what I put in my mouth. —DI

During my 20’s and 30’s I climbed all but two of Colorado’s tallest mountains, and even higher peaks in other countries. In between, I trained for mountaineering, triathlons and extreme skiing. Unfortunately, I subscribed to a health regimen that, through misinformation, destroyed my health. By my mid-40’s various opportunistic infections including the Lyme bacteria and parasites overran my immune system, I was tired a lot, and had a back injury that wasn’t healing.

The key elements to health and vitality

Simply put, we have to give our bodies enough of all the genuine building blocks needed to deal with any and all stress. Daily activities need to be balanced with daily healing and repairing cycles using genuine replacement parts.

The problem is that our parents, us, and now our children are being raised without enough of the right genuine building blocks. As a result, unwanted symptoms, infectious diseases, obesity, diabetes, heart problems and even cancer have doubled and even quadrupled in just the last 20 years and despite better diagnostic tools, new medical technologies and blockbuster medications.

We are no longer getting proper nutrition—and not just this generation; for about the last century if not longer. Although the biggest changes started during the 1960’s when our small farm heritage foods became limited to 5 main commercial food crops: corn, soy, wheat, sugar & dairy; decades before this we began to rely on the convenience of refined, heat processed and chemically preserved, “staples” designed more for volume and a long shelf life than nutritional value.

After taking the eating to restore balance class I have a better understanding of how foods work. I figured out what will help or hinder the healing process.—SF

When the body no longer has the right replacement parts (vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and essential fatty acids) you cannot rebuild. Over time, and also from one generation to the next, our body’s ability to make new healthy cells is lost, your body’s cellular makeup begins to breakdown (aging) and “clinically” you begin to have symptoms that can be diagnosed (given a name). A few cells aren’t very noticeable but a few million is called chronic disease. When the body is not being given the tools it needs, it believes it is living in a hostile environment and alters itself—as well as the next generation, and the next—to “protect itself” from that environment (allergies, infertility…) and sometimes these environment cues tell individual cells to rapidly grow and divide (cancer).

This is why I completed the Health Coach program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2014 and began empowering people like you to make lasting dietary and life-saving changes that are the cornerstones of lifelong well-being.

Quality building blocks restore vitality faster.

The good news is that if you can figure out which nutritional deficiencies must be restored to address the stress on the body—deliver the right “replacement parts”—the body is dynamic enough to begin its repair process. For years I’ve been helping people understand which foods work for them—and which ones are not—to bring about more energy, weight loss, pain-free movement, solve diabetes, and more.

More good news is that although it may have taken decades for trouble to show up (symptoms), with Nutrition Response Testing it doesn’t take so long to fix. The body heals in 90-day cycles. Depending on severity, the correct supplement program can speed up your healthy whole foods routine. With Nutrition Response Testing it can take as little as three months to a year to become functionally stable. Of course permanent stability requires an ongoing source of genuine building blocks: translated this means permanent dietary changes.

Before I came to see the staff at Alaska Health Improvement Center I tried to study nutrition on my own, but it was hard to find fact from fiction. So I was open minded and listened to an  expert directly. I have found a new way of living my life. Thank you  everyone.—LB

In Nutrition Response Testing I found a way to systematically determine what stressors are affecting the body, then systematically design a program that speeds the repair process, and lastly, a system to monitor the outcome and ensure each individual is getting what they uniquely need in order to achieve their goals.

Welcome Nutrition Response Testing. I hope to see you soon.

Before starting up with Dr. Greg I was very lackadaisical and tired so easily. I feel so much better than I have in many years and have the stamina and motivation to do the things I’ve been putting off in life. —MS

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