Dr. Greg Sternquist, DC

Dr. Greg SternquistMy desire to be healthy has been a driving force since I can remember. In fact I did all the things the popular health experts and nutritionists tell us: which included regular exercise and outdoor activities, organic foods, organic sugar, fat free meals… I got regular chiropractic adjustments to keep my nervous system tuned and stayed away from any kind of medical drug.

I was and still am convinced that a holistic approach—one that respects and balances the three major components of Life: Physical, Nutritional, and Emotional—is the only path to vitality.

For this reason, 30 years ago I embarked on my professional journey by completing my Bachelor’s of Science at our University of Alaska in Fairbanks and then my Doctorate at Palmer Chiropractic College, Davenport, IA in 1991 in which I then specialized and received advanced recognition as a Gonstead practitioner.

I used to have a severe lower abdominal pain that would bother me all day. I has improved in such a short period of time. —MO  

While many Chiropractic physicians emphasize spinal care, I found it wasn’t enough to truly handle serious health conditions, especially my own.

At the time, I thought I was living in a healthy way, yet I couldn’t understand why I found myself slowly gaining weight, becoming more tired, getting headaches most afternoons, not sleeping and my low back pain was resulting in agony and disability. On top of that, I was getting frequent colds, my left leg swelled and became much larger than my right leg; my veins were enlarging. For the next five years my leg got worse and worse until it would spasm and I could hardly walk much less work.

I was so hurt and tired I had to give up all the outdoor activities and exercises I loved.

Most frustrating was that as a natural doctor, I was supposed to set the example of good health!

But I was sick! My blood tests and medical exams later, nothing! I was miserable and my future looked bleak and I didn’t know why.

That’s when I met Dr. Freddie Ulan (founder of Ulan NutritionalSystems) and was introduced to Nutrition Response Testing®. Using this extraordinary technology, Dr. Ulan determined that I had a build-up of aluminum in my brain causing my headaches, my tiredness was a tired thyroid from eating sugar, my back pain was a symptom of inflammation caused by commercial dairy, and my legs and veins were swollen with fluid retention because my kidneys were stressed.

I used to have a lot of problems like panic attacks, not sleeping, low energy, and major stomach pain. After coming to Alaska Health Improvement Center, I do not have panic attacks anymore or any of the other problems I had before. I have even lost 25 pound which was great. –DB

I followed Dr. Ulan’s program and started feeling better very quickly. Over a few months, my health slowly transformed, I lost 30 pounds, I’ve not had back pain in years now, I don’t get headaches, my energy is stably high all day without the afternoon slumps, I am back skiing, hiking, biking, and all the activities I love. I’ve past the 60-years- old benchmark and am getting younger every day!! Truthfully, my body is functioning like it should.

My life really changed. I now look forward to getting healthier every day, having more energy and staying lean! My wife and I all follow Designed Clinical Nutrition protocols. We now know the truth about what tools our bodies need to stay well; we rarely get sick and be sure to avoid medications if we do as they interfere with the natural ability of the body to heal.

And because of my own recovery, I knew I had to learn Nutrition Response Testing to bring lasting vitality to as many people as possible. After nearly a year of study, I received my Certificate of Advanced Clinical Nutrition in 2008. I’ve now helped thousands of people using this approach and you can be like this too!

“I was tired 100% of the time, always sick with frequent stomach pains and a lower back pain that caused limitations in my daily activities. Since starting up with AHIC I have more energy, feel healthier and I haven’t been sick in months which is amazing to me!”—CF


Certificate of Advanced Clinical Nutrition – Ulan Nutrition Systems, Clearwater Fl, 2008
Doctor of Chiropractic – Palmer Chiropractic College, Davenport, IA in 1991
Bachelor of Science – University of Alaska – Fairbanks 1985
(Over 2500 hours of nutritional therapy training and continuing education)
(Over 200 hours of advanced and elite Gonstead Chiropractic training and continuing education)


Private Practice 26 years specializing in Nutritional Therapy and Chiropractic health care.
Years of public health presentations to groups and businesses.

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