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Join our FREE Public Education Presentation (PEP talk) and get your health and natural healing questions answered.

Every other Tuesday we hold a FREE health talk; open to the public. Join Dr. Greg Sternquist on a variety of important health topics. See below for upcoming topics. Check back often.

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I’ve always known what to eat but had no idea it was important when to eat. I really appreciate your explanation of cortisol and insulin and how other hormones behaved, or misbehave. I’m feeling much better. I’m wearing all my “skinny” jeans (had almost consigned them last month; glad I didn’t!). I really can’t think of any way to improve your 4-week program; it really helped! —SS

Bring your friends and others who may be looking to improve their quality of life using safe, natural, and drug-free approaches.

After every talk, we offer FREE health checks for new guests.

Space is limited. Please RSVP 743-3040 for each talk you want to attend.

  • Tue

    Bone Health & Osteoporosis: The Actual factors that prevent the fractures

    6:30 PM

    Alaska Health Improvement Center

    Our bones are alive. Every day, our body breaks down old bone and puts new bone in its place. Without good bone health, life can become very limited. Bones support our muscles and organs, allow us to be as active as we wish. So how do we ensure we’re making enough healthy new bone?

    • How widespread is low bone density and what’s my risk?
    • I’ve been recommended medications: Will they help? Are there risks?
    • How do I get calcium from my diet? Do I need supplements?
    • What about vitamin D? Or hormone therapy?

    Join Marie Sternquist, MS for an enlightening talk about how to get and keep your bones healthy.

I used to have Chronic pain and discomfort all over my body. I now know the causes of my discomfort and can make better choices to stay feeling well. —LA

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