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Join our FREE Public Education Presentation (PEP talk) and get your health and natural healing questions answered.

Every other Tuesday we hold a FREE health talk; open to the public. Join Dr. Greg Sternquist on a variety of important health topics. See below for upcoming topics. Check back often.

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Tonight’s talk really helped me understand how our immune system works to help us handle sickness — and also how not to get sick. I will try to be more careful about my eating habits including not eating sweets and other things that damage my cells.

Bring your friends and others who may be looking to improve their quality of life using safe, natural, and drug-free approaches.

After every talk, we offer FREE health checks for new guests.

Space is limited. Please RSVP 743-3040 for each talk you want to attend.

  • Tue

    Missing the sun? Get enough vitamin D

    6:30 PM

    Alaska Health Improvement Center

    Vit D

    Missing the sun? Survive the winter blues with a smile.

    Do you need a Vitamin D supplement? Maybe. But as high levels of synthetic, fortified vitamin D are toxic, Maybe not.

    Perhaps the question is why? Can you make and store enough D in the summer months to last through the winter? What is vitamin D made out of anyway? Which foods have a lot of D? What about people who don't absorb nutrients well, like Celiac disease or those who have had bypass surgery, or who are taking certain medications? Are your requirements different if you've been diagnosed with osteoporosis?

    With the sun sinking lower in the sky, join Dr. Sternquist to review what kind of D one needs, the best food to get it in, how to keep your energy, moods and other things to know about vitamin D

    Please RSVP to 743-3040


 I love to discover ways to stay and remain healthy. I feel much better. —MT

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