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After seeing the massage therapist,  my left hip has improved. It helped me with relieving the pain that has built up, so now I can sleep much better. —LW

I have been on a yo-yo diet my whole life. In twelve weeks I feel better and I have more energy. I learned the reason why certain foods affect my body. I learned it was okay to eat fats. So I’m off to get baking. —SH

I was always was stiff in the shoulders and in my back and I was always getting sick. I am a lot less stiff now and I am not getting sick as often. —JB

I suffered with back pain for years, making it hard to work all day. I would have to stop what I was doing, and sit, stretch and try to rest my back just so I could continue my work. At home, I’d be in a lot of pain from mowing the yard, working on my trucks and riding my motorcycle. Some mornings it would hurt to tie my shoes. Now, thanks to corrective adjustments coordinated with muscle and soft tissue work, I can work all day and do the things I love to do without pain and without drugs. Thank you all very much.” –GD

I’ve always known what to eat but had no idea it was important when to eat. I really appreciate your explanation of cortisol and insulin and how other hormones behaved, or misbehave. I’m feeling much better. I’m wearing all my “skinny” jeans (had almost consigned them last month; glad I didn’t!). I really can’t think of any way to improve your 4-week program; it really helped! —SS

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