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We figure if one person has the question, well, so do a lot of others… here’s where you’ll find answers to your health issues and situations. Or you can navigate to pages organized by your symptom of choice (weight loss, thyroid, joint pain… more 😉

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“Before AHIC I was so depressed, tired and overweight. I felt my life was in the dumps and would never change. I believed medication I was on would keep me going on a daily basis. Now I am no longer reliant them, I sleep during the night and wake up in the morning with purpose that allows me to interact with my son without hindrance.” —RW

“Since starting the program (one year ago) I have absolutely no migraines!”—LR

“I had trouble sleeping without the use of prescription medication and suffered chronic back pain. Since starting with Dr. Greg, my sleep’s so much better, I’m not in pain, and I’ve lost an overall 20 pounds.” —GH

“In all the years I’ve had rheumatoid arthritis, I’ve read much literature – and received much advice – on how to reduce the pain. Finally I met Dr. Greg who taught me why, how and when to take specific steps, when to wait on others, and with much detail. Those who take the time to learn and heed can find answers to their chronic pain.” —CY

Before starting up with Dr. Greg I was very lackadaisical and tired so easily. I feel so much better than I have in many years and have the stamina and motivation to do the things I’ve been putting off in life. —MS

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