Why the Gonstead Chiropractic adjustment is special


I was so sick that I bent over in pain. I used to not be able to simile, walk, and eat. Now I can do all of those things  and more. I am now out of my tailspin. —CC

You Can Go:
Months without food;
Days without water;
Minutes without air;
And your whole life without exercise.
But without nerve supply you are instantly dead.
Pinch the nerve supply and you die slowly.

As the nerve system degenerates so does life.
As the amount of nerve flow slows down, so do you.
As the quality of nerve flow diminishes, so does the quality of your life.
I have seen it a thousand times too many.
I have heard the horror stories a thousand more.

Study a science book and you will learn the nerve system totally controls life. Examine a model of a real spine and you will see there is little room for spinal misalignment before the nerve system is damaged and the flow of vital information coming from the brain is interfered with.

If you could only see what I’ve seen, the gradual destruction of health and life that occurs with the subluxation of the spine.

Gonstead chiropractic adjustmentIf you could only hear the thousands of patients I have cared for who have said, “My life had simply slipped away.” Yet after we adjust only what needs to be adjusted to correct spinal dysfunction, you would hear them say,

Before I had come to Alaska Health Improvement center I was in so much pain. Now after seeing doctor Greg I feel Much better and have gotten back on track with my life and I am so happy. –SC  

Sinus allergy, painIf you could see what I have seen or hear what I have heard…

What mother, father, son, or daughter would not hold my office up at gun point to see to it their family was checked, before I left each night, for nerve damaging subluxations and adjusted to correct them.

If you only knew what I know. Your friends and family need it.

I had frequent headaches and I was lethargic early in the morning. I now have less headaches and I am awake with energy. —JB

Dr. Greg Sternquist

Restoring health for over 20 years, Dr. Sternquist is an activist for bringing health to healthcare. His mission is to provide safe, drug-free, natural treatment plans while educating on optimal health, nutrition and lifestyle. “Dr. Greg” received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the prestigious Palmer College after completing his Bachelor of Science at the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. After specializing in the respected Gonstead chiropractic method for nearly two decades, Dr. Greg felt he needed a new set of tools when his own health began failing. A former competitive cyclist, avid outdoors enthusiast, and private pilot—something had to change! After healing himself, he completed over 2,000 hours of continuing education in nutrition including certification in the elite Applied Clinical Training program through Ulan Nutrition Systems to become Alaska's first advanced clinician in Nutrition Response Testing in 2008. Dr. Greg also specializes in the Gonstead method of Chiropractic care. Now in private practice for 26+ years and with over 2500 hours of nutritional therapy training and advanced Chiropractic continuing education, Dr. Greg Sternquist has become a renowned expert helping thousands of wonderful people get off the cycle of repeating chronic health problems and only temporary results to now enjoy more energy, become free of unwanted symptoms, and look and feel the way they want.

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