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Do you want a doctor who LISTENS?
Who treats the body as an integrated whole?

Do you prefer safe, natural, drug-free, healing
approaches that avoid drug side effects?

Do you feel you are unique? Does
your unique situation deserve a thorough exam and individualized plan?

Welcome to the
Alaska Health Improvement Center.

Instead of medicating symptoms, our primary goal is to find what genuine tools your body needs to heal and restore itself naturally, completely drug free.

Our team at the Alaska Health Improvement Center integrates structural, mental, nutritional, and energetic balancing techniques to help people like you alleviate pain, improve physical and mental performance, enhance energy, balance body chemistry and emotions and enhance their overall health and well-being.

Your body is an integrated whole; malfunction in one part can cause a symptom elsewhere—anything can cause anything.

With many tools in our holistic health toolkit,
restoring health and quality of life is just a visit away.

Let your Alaska Health Improvement Center team work out the exact combination of clinical nutrition, chiropractic care, rehabilitation & clinical massage, allergy clearing, and lifestyle education that will achieve your health goals. Schedule your Comprehensive Health Exam today.

Health, is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. The evidence base is clear; leading edge information shows that the best way to restore health is to clean up the body’s internal environment: restore balance. Your body needs to use its innate abilities to heal itself and it will do just that if given the right building blocks and not so many stressors. In fact, the vast majority of health problems today are being solved through drug-free, natural remedies and more people than ever are choosing the holistic, drug-free healing path over drugs and medications that only suppress symptoms while they create other problems.

Health balance reaches the tipping point because of:

  • too many stressors (insufficient nutrients, too many toxic chemicals, altered bone alignments and structure, and/or emotional stress) and
  • not enough building blocks (nutrients, water, oxygen and nerve impulse)

The symptoms you experience are all your body’s way of saying “pay attention”; I need some help: back pain, headaches, high or low blood pressure, low or high cholesterol, allergies, fatigue, weight gain, low energy, even cancer are all diseases of imbalance.

These symptoms will not truly heal unless you reduce the stressors and provide enough of the right kind of building blocks so your body can heal and repair. The Alaska Health Improvement Center specializes in working out exactly what is causing your unique situation, and developing a drug-free, step-by-step, doable plan to fix it.

Our mission is to help people of all ages enjoy health, vitality and a high quality of life through natural, non-invasive, and drug free solutions: Clinical Nutrition, Chiropractic, Physical Rehabilitation and Massage, and Lifestyle Education.

If you have a nagging health problem, let our friendly team at the Alaska Health Improvement Center help. Click here for appointment information or call 743-3040.

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