Chiropractic: from Greek cheir (hand) and praxis (action) meaning “done by hand.”

Anchorage chiropractor natural drug free pain freeChiropractic is safe, drug-free, natural health care that focuses on the relationship between the spine, which houses the spinal cord, and the nervous system, which controls your organs and movement; and how this relationship impacts your health. Chiropractors are the primary care professionals for spinal health and well-being for their patients worldwide.

You tell your nervous system what you want—it coordinates your body. It’s that simple, or should be. And most of this is programmed, naturally, without conscious thought. On command, our brain sends a signal through spinal nerves to coordinate every muscle and organ in the body. Every cell in your body is controlled and monitored by your nervous system and the slightest interference to this communication can cause health problems, back pain, neck pain, organ malfunction and more. To work well, your nervous system needs three main things:

  • proper spinal alignment—which is unique to every body;
  • enough nutrients (and not so many anti-foods) to permit nerve impulse and allow healing;
  • feedback from all the other body parts—including direction from you.

My lower back used to really hurt and my body was stiff. It was affecting me while playing soccer. After my therapeutic Massage, my pain is gone and there is barely any stiffness. Thank You! –DB

Why is spinal alignment and function so important?

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Each of us has our own correct posture that permits proper nerve signals as we sit, stand, hold our bodies, and move. Your spinal column holds your spinal cord and is the main source of nerve flow to all your organs and muscles.

Imagine 24 movable parts (including the spinal vertebrae, the skull, the sacrum and pelvis) separated by soft discs that allow the vertebrae to move without grinding on each other. If a bone in your spine moves out of place, or doesn’t move properly, that can reduce nerve flow—which will reduce health—before you feel any pain.

When there is misalignment of a vertebra, there is uneven pressure on the disc causing it to swell and protrude (referred to as a slipped, herniated or ruptured disc). Misalignment and resulting swollen, inflamed, or degenerated discs can result in pinched nerves, inflamed soft tissue, muscle spasms, and altered organ function—what Chiropractor’s call the subluxation complex.

Compressed nerves don’t properly transmit nerve impulses to their organs. Beyond back pain, or even sciatica, a seemingly endless list of ailments and pain can be caused by subluxations.

anchorage chiropractor, Gonstead chiropractor, back pain, neck pain, spine, adjust, nervous system, subluxation, nutrition; Dr. Greg Sternquist; chiropractic; clinical nutrition; natural healing; natural health improvement; physical therapy; massage therapy; drug freeChiropractic care fixes your back pain (neck pain, tingling leg, and more) several ways:

  1. Chiropractic adjustments restore alignment, mobility and proper nerve impulse.
  2. stuck joints prevent nutrients into the disc and toxic waste products out and cause them to degrade. Restoring mobility is the only way to restore circulation and permit healing.
  3. The soft tissue inflammation and muscle spasms also finally heal; relieving your back pain.
  4. With coordinated nerve impulse, your organs begin to work properly.

Do you have to adjust every single bone? NO!!

Not at all, in fact doing so can create problems of its own!! We move just those bones that need to be moved. We do it as gently as possible—with our hands of course—to feel the precision touch and adjustment.

At the Alaska Health Improvement Center, we use the Gonstead method of Chiropractic adjustment. Just like a good engineer or architect will design a strong foundation able to support the rest of the building, a key focus of the Gonstead method is the foundation of support for your body—your hip and lower spine.

There are many styles of Chiropractic and I am trained in a good number of them; the Gonstead method just makes sense. For example: When the lower portion of the spinal column has misaligned, the body tries to keep itself and its skeleton upright and straight. Often it compensates by causing a higher vertebra to become misaligned. This is the body’s way of attempting to re-establish normal posture—but it is also why we see protruding heads when the low back is out… These new misalignments, compensating for the lower misalignments, have their own nerve constrictions, back pain, and adverse affect on your organs.

If we only adjusted just the top misaligned vertebra, leaving the foundation misaligned, you’d feel relief but it wouldn’t last. Your upper body would just move back to compensate for the misaligned low back and hips.

Does treatment include coming to you weekly for the rest of my life? Gosh no!

The difference between chiropractic care at the Alaska Health Improvement Center and other places you have been is that we find and fix what is really wrong.

My pain was always at a stable ‘moderate level’, diagnosed with fibromyalgia I had constant pain in all my joints. Since starting at AHIC my hip pain alone has reduced 90%! All other pain at this point in my care program flares up only occasionally yet subsides much quickly than ever before. My current reduction in overall pain has me excited for a pain free future! —KM

The trademark of the Gonstead chiropractor starts with a unique analysis to detect the problem foundation vertebrae followed by safe and gentle, hands-on correction. This is what sets Gonstead apart from all other Chiropractic approaches. Our comprehensive exam tells us exactly what is going on so we can prioritize exactly those joints to adjust and those to leave alone. When the foundation is properly realigned, other misaligned vertebrae no longer need to compensate and often move back in a correct position.

Every case is a different combination of misaligned vertebrae. We find the correct combination and sequence for re-aligning your vertebrae and restoring proper nerve function and health.

Do I need X-rays? an MRI?

Diagnostic imaging to analyze the structure of your spine is important. Films and their proper interpretation are vital before certain treatment protocols to determine whether or not bones have moved out of place—which bones need to be adjusted and which don’t.

diagnostic spine x-ray to fine cause of back painWe also use films to rule out that the pain is caused by a tumor, an infection, or a fracture. If you’ve been in an auto injury, accident, had an impact, we especially need to see what happened inside.

The Gonstead method is very precise. That said, if you are pregnant (or might be) or there are other reasons we can’t take an image please discuss this with us.

We rarely ask for an expensive MRI. There are a few reasons we might, very few. With over twenty years in clinical care and interpreting x-rays, rarely is it necessary to see the soft tissue details by MRI.

What is Advanced Chiropractic Nutrition?

Maybe there isn’t a specific injury that you can put your finger on, or maybe there is. If you want to restore your health, you aren’t going to just use one tool when others are needed. Right?

Years of poor sitting or standing habits, mild impacts from playing games, learning to ride a bicycle, slipping and falling a few times… compounded with other stresses: hurried, improper diets and emotional pressures… Consider the well understood effects on the spine from chemical toxicities such as food sensitivities, medications, or exposures to environmental pollution and other toxics.

If there is a chemical build-up, food sensitivity or nutrient deficiency that will prevent healing, you want to know right? This may just be why the other things you’ve tried didn’t work.

Our integrated health approach sees the body as a whole, not just “a spine.” We create a comprehensive program unique to every individual.

At our Anchorage clinic, we start with a thorough exam to tell us exactly what to address. We explain carefully our treatment plan including anything we have found that may prevent healing. And, we’ll always help you understand what is going on and what to expect.

Join the thousands of happy clients with restored health and quality of life.

Call my Anchorage office today. It’s that simple!

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